PegasusLife is a business on a mission to fundamentally re-think and re-invent the places and ways in which we live as we get older.

The company was established in 2012 on the premise of redefining the retirement housing market in order to overcome the chronic lack of relevant housing options available to the older generation in the UK. In the last century our society has seen unprecedented leaps in health, education, travel and communication – it’s time our homes reflected this.

We already have thirty developments in locations across the U.K., with many more in the pipeline.

property management pegasus

A unique approach to property management

property management pegasus

When we talk about maintenance, we mean much more than a lick of paint or changing a light bulb (although we will of course take care of that too).

Carriages has an extensive roof terrace and unique gardens that come with a set of individual requirements for maintenance. The management of the property ensures that your investment is secure and you can enjoy living in an environment that improves rather than deteriorates with age. From cleaning hard-to-reach windows to maintaining the traditional red brick, the approach is tailor-made and detail oriented.

The management company for Carriages is run on a strict not-for-profit basis. This ensures that work is carried out solely in order to care for the building, as well as to maintain the quality of the offer and experience of living here for the residents.

property management pegasus
property management pegasus

On purchasing a property at Carriages, residents automatically become shareholders of the management company, together with PegasusLife, giving you voting rights and a say in how the company is managed and run.

When it comes to the operation of the management company, we believe passionately that true transparency is fundamental to maintaining residents' peace of mind and the management company's integrity. For this reason we have invested in creating our own digital tool for property management - an online members-only system, designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of how your money is spent on servicing Carriages to enable you to keep track of expenditure and investment in the building over time.

property management pegasus

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